Hello, I am Dirk

As a photographer, I am always looking to capture that special image that eludes others. I focus on capturing and telling a story, and reproducing it in a gripping way.

When I make photos for others, my ambition is to capture the moments with the most significance. I look for people and emotions in natural and spontaneous moments. It gives me great satisfaction to reproduce moments in a way that affect the viewer.

I like variation. Sporting events, other events and special meetings. But also nature and street photography, and photography in special locations (for example Urbex and travel). But I also focus on the microworld in my own back garden or drone photography from the air.

I have been photographing since my youth. It started as a child with the camera from my mother. After my exam she gifted me my first SLR camera. Later I joined various photography clubs and took classes in creative photo exploration.

In recent years I have been committing to telling the story. For example, based on a trip to Nepal right after the 2015 earthquakes we held an exposition to help bring the country back into a positive light. Also, as a member of PWB (Photographers Without Borders) I traveled to Chajul and the inland of Guatamala. There I learned how to document social changes in primitive conditions with the goal of improving them.

For more than 20 years I have been photographing digitally with Sony cameras. With a lot of pleasure I move along with the continuously increasing speed at which technology advances. Recently I expanded into drone photo- and videography and acquired my drone piloting certificate. It's like I am always carrying a 120 meter tripod!

When I do commissions I mostly apply myself to events, sporting matches, and once in a while a wedding or funeral. But also nature and landscape photography. In the meantime I always look for creative photography-related challenges.

For more information or specific questions, feel free to contact me.


Our services

We are located in the Netherlands, but within the available travel methods everything is discussable. Including creative commissions to specification.


Photo Shoots

A serie of (portrait) pictures on location, for example for your portfolio.



Photography at an event, sporting match, concert or wedding.



Photos for a book, exposition, annual report, travel photography or nature and landscape publications.



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Feel free to contact me with questions or specific photography wishes.

Dirk Koster

All-round photographer – always looking for creative challenges and new ideas. You can also contact me through: